Isn’t it funny how we take a radical look, as in getting your head shaved and make it into a symbolic journey. Heads with hair even if it’s a little hair, is what we do to create the do. It gives us style and is a great contributor to who we are. In this video I show my outlook caused by a quick buzz session at the local barber shop… essentially I got the new haircut fever high…and my new groove named ” A New ’07 Lever”, stepping in stride…. Ah Yeah!

Paramilitary intellectual bohemian group response from the 305 registered unit . Watch classified tape below:

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Dialogue Threads from the 21st Century:

The follow is an old conversation I had with one my buddies Philip Santos back in September 2005. I’ve left the original email headers, along with its message so that one may follow the thread of the whole email conversation. I am curious what others think on the theme of the conversation “Philosophy is to the real world as masturbation is to sex.” ….

Where do you find yourself?

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Following below are the minutes for March 4th’s re-inauguration of Book and Brunch. It has been a while. The members and prospect onlookers were expecting its return , and now look at us we’re back by popular demand.

The Book and Brunch entity and the blog ( short for Web Log for of those who might not know) has merged forces with so that we may not only have the in-person experience usually experienced once a month, but that we may also have the craved online experience . Unfortunately we have not been yet developed the technology to have a brunch experience online, but you could still grab some grub while you express your thoughts to the cyberworld.

More details will come on how we will proceed with our comments on our readings. I will shortly post another posting with the next book for discussion , and then here we will get cracking with the online discussion of the book, but keep your eyes peeled for more details.

For now enjoy the comments on last B &B compiled by that session’s host Evangelina Rivera(from mass email sent yesterday):

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When I heard Forest Whitaker’s acceptance speech at the Oscars, I thought to myself what sage words.

Because when I first started acting, it was because of my desire to connect to everyone. To that thing inside each of us. That light that I believe exists in all of us. Because acting for me is about believing in that connection and it’s a connection so strong, it’s a connection so deep, that we feel it. And through our combined belief, we can create a new reality.

I agree with Forest – that it’s our divine gift as humans, as citizens of the universe, to create, to express, and to connect. I’m certain it was the message that Forrest meant not just to his fellow thespians, but for humanity.