New Year’s Resolutions are just Disillusions!


Well am I a little pessimistic for the new year?! Where’s my spirit of hope and will for mankind?

Resolutions are usually things on a list with little relevancy to our lives. They’re items scraped together mostly as numbered bullet points, because we perceive lists are the ultimate organizer, and we think that this resolution list is magical somehow.

New Year’s resolutions usually do not work because they rely on goals with no structure; they focus on the end result of a deeper process. Even if the goal is attained, seldom it is retained, because the protagonist most likely selected a goal to prove that they’re will is still responding. In this case the goal is frivolous. It has no life changing worth. The purpose of the spirit of New Year’s resolution is to have a certain value in the new year that was not present in last.

In order to have goals that will not only have good intentions and spirit, the resolutions must consider more how they are relevant to you and experiencing new life values in the new year . Once a visualization of what kind of life you want to live, and what kind of values you would like to attain, and what kind of harmony and aurora you would like to seek, then grounded relevant goals will soon sprout. The goals will be rooted, flourish more naturally, and have longer residual effects, rather than forced and withering away.

To think I wanted to start blogging again in the first of the year and it took me this long. Could you have imagined if this was one of my New Year’s resolution, then I would have had my first disillusion of the year since I re-started blogging five days later, but rather I have envisioned a landscape of where it is I would like to be . Anyhow it will be hard work and territory to be seized. So do not follow those New Year’s Disillusions , but truly Seize the Year this year.



2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions are just Disillusions!”

  1. 1 Peter


    Nice post. I’d have to agree with your assertion that new years resolutions are often trivial hopes to improve some area in our lives.Yet we tend to let these resolutions leave our focus not long after we made our resolutions. Perhaps we ought to look to make radical changes to the way we think about our selves and our out look at the world. Change your paradigm change your life.

  2. 2 Alex

    Thank You

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