My Brother Louis’ trip to Prague.


Old Town Riverside.

Click here to see my brother’s photos of Prague.

Although all the photos were beautiful, I had limited time to comment on each one of them. So I opted to choose the few that really appealed to my aesthetic values.

Old Town Riverside had a mystical quality that appealed to me. The perspective grabbed hold of me and pulled me in toward the end of the road where lights danced above and reflected below in a glistening waltz. The contrast of the tree against the misty sky in the upper left corner framed the photo in a lovely way.

Charles Bridge has a lot of symmetry of space that I really enjoyed. The water and the sky balance the photo. I love that the bridge is the horzon line.

Charles Bridge Statue 1 has such clarity of color and detail that your eye wants to take it all in.

Charles Bridge Statue 2 has wonderful contrast between the light of the building and the darkness of the statues. Both objects look beautiful against the dusty rose sky.

Charles Bridge Statue 3. I love the silhouette annd negative shapes it creates against the sky.

Charles Bridge Statue 4 . The angle, the composition, the negative shapes of the statue and the moon present a mystical conversation.

Charles Bridge looking toward Old Town. I love the color contrast of the blues with the yellows and browns.

Charles Bridge Palace 1. This is a brilliant photo that combines a sharp triangular perspective on the left side of the photo and an almost flat rectangular yet multi layered and colorful landscape on the right side. Wonderful tension! Gorgeous!

Old Town Square. The colors and the overlapping of lights and darks make this photo really fun to look at.


One Response to “My Brother Louis’ trip to Prague.”

  1. 1 Louis

    Which Old Town Square was that?

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