Welcome To Moronville.


2 Responses to “Welcome To Moronville.”

  1. 1 Jayson Diaz

    I believe that most people don’t even have to watch this video to come to the conclusion of Bush’s inadequacy as a president. George Bush being president and the party line ideals that he upholds are almost independent. Every democrat, republican , or general observer already knows that platform that he represents, so to make George Bush linked to conservatism as we know it is not the focus, it is a given. What is the focus is the blooper-style Bushisms that make one crinch . The media is blamed as detractors of the real issues that have a grip on America and the “twist” put on stories. Well my friends I agree how media liberal and conservative, needs a shaking, but nonetheless you cannot blame the media all the time. Bush’s inadequacies as a leader of this fine country are there regardless of media, or which band of media you choose, CNN or FoxNews, or whichever.

    If you feel that George Bush instills in you confidence in his leadership, stands, and representation of the American people around the world I would like to personally chat with you, so we can really come to some kind of common ground. Just because a leader is from the party you support does it mean that one must agree whole heartedly with that person in power, and defend him/her to death. That is the most un-intellectual , non-courageous , non-American, outlook adopted.

    I guess the topic naturally shifts from Bush’s capabilities as a leader/representative of America , to the unwavering defense of individuals based on purely political association. The critical thinking aspect of character judgment and criticism for our leaders have been trivialized to party lines, and not to the core issues and facts. This is a nation of “aligners” and not of the brave American “questioners and do-ers.” Is Bush an idiot? Well let me check my party alignment, and I’ll tell you.

  2. 2 Evangelina (Yaso The Clown)

    It is evident from the youthful appearence of Gorge Bush in some of the clips that Mr. Bush has been an idiot or inarticulate for many years. Hence, there is nothing new or surprising in who he is today because who he is, is based on who he has been. What is surprising is that the American people have voted for him, and have succeeded in placing him in office, for two terms. That means he has been, and will continue to blunder for the American people for eight years in total. Breaking it down further, he has been tripping for the United States for 2,920 days, or 70,080 hours, or 4,204,800 minutes, or disecting further, 252,288,000 seconds. 252,288,000 is a lot of time to give someone who is an idiot or inarticulate. What does that say about the American people?

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