Digital Evolution


I saw this today and thought how the internet has truly made us more connected…..gotta love web 2.0, can’t wait to see what web 3.0 is gonna have for us.


2 Responses to “Digital Evolution”

  1. 1 Jayson Diaz

    That’s a cool clip. Very well made and edited. I love the feel of the message and of course how it was packaged. For the web technology aficionado this clip is very well appreciated and understood because of some of the terms and phrases used, but it is still very relevant and informative to any web user.

    Peter I know that your focus is Real Estate and that is very clear, but as a web and computer enthusiasts I could see you taking a web applications course and be successful. I think you should do it as a hobby, and it will complement your passion for digital Internet tech nology. What do you think?

    -Pragmatic Praxistential

  2. Yo J,

    Actually I have been taking courses on You know I’m an intertubes freak. I’m already getting pretty handy at html, and css. Now I’m getting into film editing with final cut pro and iMovie. Not to mention I’m pretty savvy with photoshop creative suite and illustrator. I’m going nerd hard core….lol.

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