Book and Brunch is Back and Began with a Bang!


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Following below are the minutes for March 4th’s re-inauguration of Book and Brunch. It has been a while. The members and prospect onlookers were expecting its return , and now look at us we’re back by popular demand.

The Book and Brunch entity and the blog ( short for Web Log for of those who might not know) has merged forces with so that we may not only have the in-person experience usually experienced once a month, but that we may also have the craved online experience . Unfortunately we have not been yet developed the technology to have a brunch experience online, but you could still grab some grub while you express your thoughts to the cyberworld.

More details will come on how we will proceed with our comments on our readings. I will shortly post another posting with the next book for discussion , and then here we will get cracking with the online discussion of the book, but keep your eyes peeled for more details.

For now enjoy the comments on last B &B compiled by that session’s host Evangelina Rivera(from mass email sent yesterday):

Greetings Esteemed Book & Brunch Members,

Well, our first Book & Brunch revisited gathering went famously. There were some surprises and some non-surprises. We were excited to see Julissa Rivera join us for the first time. Nicholas Mason, a coworker of Julissa also joined us. And what a joy that John Gallagher (Angelina’s sweetheart) was. Returning members were the radiant Rosalina, charismatic Clara Diaz, juicy Julissa, Jr., jubilant Jayson, and the ever talking Evangelina. The turn out was surprising, but not the content of the exchange. As usual the comments were “Wow”!

Our next Book & Brunch will be on Sunday, April 15, 2007, at 1:00pm. The nominated but is Julissa, Sr.’s choice, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by by Robin S. Sharma. The film of the month is “Volver”, with Penelope Cruz (no one saw it last month, so we will give it a second try). Book & Brunch will be hosted by Evangelina (for Julissa Sr., at 28 Clinton Street, Apt. 3-A, (between Stanton & Houston), in Lower Manhattan. Everyone attending the get together must bring a dish or their beverage of choice. Please advise us if you are attending and what you will bring either by E-mail or call (914) 450-3332.

We want to inform all our members that the total amount from our accumulated membership dues is about $400.00. The $5.00 membership dues and the $2.00 penalty for not reading or watching the movie, does add up. We will discuss how to best utilize these funds in our next meeting. Please come with suggestions.

More…As of next month Book & Brunch will begin posting their book & movie reviews on But, until then, here are a few of the comments that members made in relation to the book The Color of Water, by James McBride:

On the subject of racism:

Clara – Being an immigrant from Puerto Rico, I felt different. I was ostracized because of my dark features. I give Ruth credit for what she did. Ruth, a white Jewish women who embrace the black community and went against not only her family’s constitution, but also against what was socially acceptable in those days, overcame many obstacles. We all struggle with identify. Having to assimilate who you are with what is culturally acceptable may come with some challenges. But Ruth was successfully in overcoming those challenges because all her 12 children became professional people.

Rosey – The most important thing in life for Ruth was God. With God in your life you can overcome anything. Ruth was a very strong women. She compelled me to reminisce about my own up bringing and my struggles against racism. I appreciate Ruth’s strengths.

John – If you don’t fit into the cultural norms you are looked at differently. I have felt hostility towards who I am. When I played basket ball I overheard the other players saying “The white boy this,” or “The white boy that.” The terms that my teammates used against me were acceptable in that setting. But, those derogatory terms were not acceptable for me.

Julissa, Sr., – An opinion doesn’t make you who you are.

On the subject of accepting public assistance:

Jayson – Pride is a good thing to have but to much price can choke you. Pride can give you strength and values, but it can prevent you from getting over a bump in the road if you refuse to accept a helping hand.

Nicholas – A little helping hand when the help is needed is essential.

Rosey – Ruth did teach her children good work ethics. When I had Angie I received pubic assistance because I didn’t receive help from Angie’s father. I don’t think getting a little help is bad. I think abusing the assistance is bad.

On the subject of hitting children as a form of discipline:

Jayson – Hitting shouldn’t be a go to rule. But sometimes parents really have a mission statement for their children. In order for parents to raise socially acceptable children, parents should exercise the option of hitting their children. Parents need to have the belt in their back pocket just in case.

Clara – I believe strongly in rasing a child who respects. Not just for their own good but for the good of humanity. If that means using the belt, so be it.

Julissa, Sr., – I believe in some form of discipline. I have some thirteen year old clients who come into the salon talk about how much they are sleeping around. I have another 13 year old client who has been in rehab two times. Without discipline children can become distructive.

Off the cuff statements:

Rosey – If you want anything in life you have to work for it.

Julissa, Sr. – Ruth’s bicycle reminded me of my ‘Hello Kitty’ bike.

So there you have it, a brief recap of what went on in our Book & Brunch reunion. We do hope you will be joining us in our next gathering. Until then……………..Enjoy your reading.


7 Responses to “Book and Brunch is Back and Began with a Bang!”

  1. 1 p.santos

    Have we decided on a format in order to discuss the book online? There are definitely many directions that this conversation can lead. Each principle in the book can be a discussion in itself.

  2. I think Phil makes a good point. I for one say that we ought to flesh out the main principle of each chapter then have a discussion around that principle. Or maybe individuals might want to discuss a particular principle that speaks to them and elaborate on how it affects their views now.

  3. 3 Evangelina

    Gentlemen, it may be a little premature to decide the format for the book discussion because many of our members have not read the book yet. From your comments I deduce that you both have devowered the book and are ready, set, go. Phil’s suggestion may be the ideal format, or maybe the format for discuss will evolve in our Book & Brunch session on April 15 (tax day). What other formats can evoke us into having an enriching and thought provoking exploration of the book? I can’t wait to we see what the tide brings in.

  4. Hey Eva,

    We can have preliminary comments on LabJuice until the first session of Book & Brunch takes place. Then once ball gets rolling this whole thing will take shape.
    Wadaya think of that pilgrim?

  5. 5 p.santos

    What’s up Eva? I agree with Peter. I think it will be interesting to see what type of ideas people discuss online in comparison to the form that the discussion takes when we are all together. Not everyone has to participate online but even if you have not completed the book the principles and challenges that Sharma raises are not foreign. We have all heard them before – in one form or another. I think that for a book to have an impact (at least for me) there must be an ongoing dialogue. If not it is very easy to forget.

    Where is Jay?

  6. Hey Phil,

    I spoke with Eva on the phone the other day. It sounds like she wants to wait ’till the first session of the book club meeting to discuss how they want to proceed with the book club dialog, since many are not aware or sure how this is going to work in a virtual setting. She also mentioned that she’d like to wait ’till some of the members get through the book. I thought that was fair. We’ll wait for Eva & Jayson to layout the ground work once they get feedback from the book & brunck club….

  7. This is really cool… I want to improve my personal battery Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) Why did the garbage look sad? Because it was down in the dumps.

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